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Open a world of possibilities with online systems integration, advertising assistance and data analysis.

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With over a decade managing online listings for multiple retailers, Kumimanu has the experience to assist you with integrating your business on external marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and many more.

By utilizing the latest tools and custom software, we are here to assist in getting your business up and running in the online space.

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We can help there too.

Have us take over management of your ad campaigns, optimize your listings or help with growth pain points like new shipping or marketplace integrations.

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Optimize your product listings for maximum sales volume.

Take your listings to the next level with Kumimanu's listing optimization service. Enjoy custom listing modifications to maximize your sales potential utilizing the latest keyword efficiency techniques and copy updates. Enjoy compounded sales growth by having a team that specializes in pushing your listings to the front page.

Expert advice for Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Wish, Newegg and more!

Choose which markets you would like to integrate with and which platforms work best for you. Enjoy seamless integration to a new ecommerce platform such as Shipworks, Shipstation, Solid Commerce, Channel Advisor or another of your choosing. Specialty data calculations tailored to your business needs will make the transition simple.

Detailed data analysis and reporting.

Want a deep dive analysis of your ad systems, how they perform and what you should target next? We can get you there.
Dig down into the different PPC and SEO backends to maximize your product's potential.
Hit your ad spend goals and bring your products to your targeted audience with maximum efficiency.